Me,You & Us Classes & Portrait Exhibit

Suellen has developed Intiutive Energy Paintng Workshops over the last seven years. She has had great success connecting participants with their own unique creative source and the community created in the group.Suellen has developed a workshop as request by the Elder's Lodge at Kettle  Stony Point.Suellen and her assistant Susan Bressette has been running the workshops for two years.The workshop is creating bridges with outside community members as well as assisting with healing. It creates an opportunity for developing a community of friendship and understanding.The workshop has been very well received and will continue till 2019. Additionally as requested by the Elder's, participants are offered to have their portraits done by Suellen. The portraits will be displayed in 2019 then gifted back to the particants after the Me,You & Us Exhibit is completed.

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Hi, I have 50year old picture my dad wants hand painting that picture. Please reply

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