Painter/Community Artist

Suellen uses acrylic paint and large canvas to capture a glimpse of elusive energy of the connection between Spirit, Humanity and Earth. The art is often textured, vibrant colours with depictions of movement. The artists' techniques includes applying paint and removIng it several times to cast shadows, which creates unpredicted remaining forms. Embracing flaws and allowing for creative spontaneity. Suellen's art always leaves room for the unknown to have a presence and be a part of the result.

Suellen is a community artist. She cofounded Walkerville Artists' Co-op gallery in Windsor. The gallery is a community building cooperative, that serves the community by making art accessible to show, create and participate in. She has designed and facilitated several community art workshops.

 Suellen created/facilitated a community art project called Me,You and Us. She had help facilitating and consultated with her good friend Susan Bressette of the Elders' Lodge to bring the workshop to the area. The designing of the Me,You and Us community art project started in 2016 and completed touring in July 2019.

In 2017 Suellen was invited to First Nation Elder's Lodge of Kettle & Stony Point to run the three day Intuitive Energy Painting workshop. Following completeion of the workshop, Suellen offered to paint spirit portraits of some of the participants. The last portrait completed was of Chief Jason Henry of KPSPFN. There were 27 spirit portraits in the Me,You & Us Exhibit.The exhibit toured throughout southern Ontario starting in London,Grand Bend,Windsor,Toronto ending in Ottawa.The paintings were gifted to the participants at the end of the tour in appreciation of their particpation in creating a community of friendship.The project and tour was a great success, Me,You & Us successfully helped bridged a community of friendship,respect and understanding between diverse cultural groups.

In 2020 Me,You & Us - Youth has started bringing the workshop to First Nation and surrounding area Youth: Kettle Point & Stony Point First Nations,Aamjiwnaang, Sarnia,Forest,Port Franks and Ipperwash. This chapter started in January 2020. It has the help and direction of First Nation Youth Leaders,Morningdove Bressette,Tashina Lunham and Cody Bresstte.The Youth will complete the 3 day Intutitve Energy Painting Workshop.  

Due to Covid 2020 adaptations to the plan included art kit deliveries to the area.Also some of the art created in class will be displayed at SAIB in Mississauga Oct 17- November 7. Further the participant's art will be displayed in a virtual art show. Possible other art show dates TBA.

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